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Premier Pet Care Services

Pets  are  an  integral  part of  their  family’s  lives.  Ever  so  subtlety they
maneuver  their way  into our hearts with their unique personalities.  They
meet  us at  the door with enthusiasm and  unconditional  love.  They help
relieve  the  stress  of   our  days,  give  unequaled  companionship,   and  
provide  us with  emotional  comfort  in times  of  need.  In return they only
ask  for a meal, shelter, affection, and a place to relieve  themselves.

As pet  owner’s,  we  at  Premier  Pet  Care  Services (PPCS)  understand
the needs  of pets,  and appreciate the concerns  owners  have regarding  
the  care  of   their  beloved  companions. Therefore,  we  have  designed
our services to:

        help  alleviate the worry when owners  can’t  be there  with their
        pets because of work,  travel, hectic schedules or emergencies

        provide  pets  with exercise  opportunities,  socialization, and  a
        chance to  relieve themselves

        help  maintain  a clean  healthy yard environment  for dogs and
        their family's

We  at  PPCS  are  passionate about  providing  the best,  loving care  for
your  pets! To  learn  more  about our  professional
 in  home  pet  sitting,
dog  walking,  midday visits,  puppy/senior care,  and  dog  waste cleanup   
services we invite you to review our website.  If you don't find the answers  
to   your  questions,  or the  type of  service  you  require,  please  do not
hesitate to  contact us and we  will discuss  customizing a  service to meet  
your pets  and your  needs.
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Canton, MI 48187
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" Where pets and their owners are more than clients....
                                                                               they're part of our family."