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Dogs  need  attention,  regular exercise,   mental  stimulation,  and  social
interaction.  Meeting  these  needs  promotes  good  physical and  mental
health.  Busy  work  schedules,  long  commutes, after work commitments,
temporary or permanent physical limitations, and chaotic family schedules
can  make  it  difficult  for  loving  owners  to  fulfill  all of their dog's needs
during the week.

The Benefits of Dog Walks and Midday Visits (for all pets)

Puppies: Daily midday visits help establish and maintain a housebreaking schedule.
Proper  housebreaking  requires a consistent schedule of bathroom  breaks for  your
puppy.  Crate  trained  puppies need  to get  our  every three to  four hours  for  proper
training  and socialization.  Your dog  walker  makes daily  visits  while in  your house
you  are at  work.  Not only is your  puppys  schedule kept  consistent  but he/she  will
also  be socialized  with someone other  than  the  owner.  PPCS   will also  reinforce
obedience  skills  you are working on with your pup.

Adult Dogs:  Adult  dogs need  regular exercise to ensure  good mental and physical
health.  Owners who work  long hours can depend on Premier  Pet  Care Services to
walk  their  dogs during  the week when their  time is the  most limited.  Crated  dogs
are in particular need of a midday break.  Crating  a dog without sufficient exercise or
breaks  can  result in a hyperactive,  under-socialized  dog  who  is harder to live with
and train. PPCS often works with clients in weaning dogs from their crate.

Elderly Dogs:  The  elderly  dog  often needs  more  frequent  bathroom  breaks  than
he/she  needed  as  a  younger  dog.   When  older  dogs  have  accidents  they  often
become distressed because they  have  been  trained to go  outside  but just can not
"hold it" anymore. Adding  to this,  a frustrated owner may  end  up confining the older
dog.  PPCS  can make  daily,  afternoon  visits to  give  the  elderly dog  his/her  much
needed bathroom break. This keeps both dog and owner happy,  and keeps  carpets  

Sick/Injured/Recuperating Pets:  Designed  for pet  owners who have commitments
preventing  them from being  with their  sick, injured or  recuperating pet. The service
gives owners  peace of  mind that someone is checking in on their ailing pet and will
alert  them if  their pet  is experiencing any  distress or complications.

Service Areas: Canton, Plymouth

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