Dear Debbie,

Your business gives me peace of mind everyday that
Chloe is well cared for and loved! Thanks for being
such a great friend and valuable asset to our family!

All of Us! (Chloe's family)
Debbie & Family,

Just a note of thanks - Thank you
again for all of your efforts, time and
patience. I have never been more at
ease while on vacation. Keep up the
good work and I will certainly be
calling you in the future.

Kelly (Blake and Brit's Mom)
I have been using Debbie's services for over three years.  My Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier is my best friend and the most important person in my life.  
When it became necessary for me to leave him alone all day I felt compelled
to try to find someone who would come and let him out during the day.  When
I found Debbie it was more than I had even hoped for.  She provides walking
and truly cares for his well being.  She has gone over and above on many
occasions by stepping up on a moments notice and keeping a watchful eye
on his condition and environment.  When I have been home and she has
come by he greets her with the same enthusiasm he has for me...I think that
says it all...I cannot recommend her service more highly than to say I have no
worries leaving my dog alone, knowing Debbie is going to see him: as well
as if something is needed I can rely on Debbie to be there for him. Candice
Forget about the "Dog Whisperer." Hire Debbie. I'm serious. When I moved
from California back to the Detroit area, I came with a barely housebroken,
Hurricane Katrina  rescue  dog  named  Boo.  It's a long story,  but  the  short
version is this: Boo is a pointer mix with a genetic predisposition to roam and
run. By contrast,  I tend to sit and stare and work odd hours.  And we had an
unfenced yard. Something had to give. We needed someone who could take
Boo out for a daily walk to burn off some energy. That's when we found Debbie.
From the start, Debbie bonded with Boo, and it became very clear that we had
not only found someone with a great sense of professionalism but someone
                                                           with a great heart as well. It's not often that
                                                           happens.  I  can  recommend  Debbie
                                                           without reservation. Our dog came to love her, and we came to        
                                                            consider her our good friend and trusted counselor in all matters     
                                                            canine. Even our cat likes her -- and it takes a lot to win the
                                                           esteem of  our cat. We're all very fortunate to have been able to
                                                           know her and count on her exceptional service.  Kevin K