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Our rates will vary depending upon how many dogs  you have,  how often
you  would  like  service,  the  size of  your  property  and  your  particular
terrain (steep grade, landscaping rocks, mulch, etc.) and foliage. Use the
following table to figure your approximate rate.  Prices are for an average
lot size.  If your lot is larger than average,  you have more than 5 dogs or
you  do not  fall into any of  the categories below  please contact us for a
free quote.

*The  initial cleaning charge for  new  routine clients will be assessed if property has
not  been cleaned  recently,  or for current routine clients  following  voluntary  service
interruption of more than four weeks

Note: All pet waste  is double  bagged and  placed  into your non-recyclable garbage
can for removal on your regular trash collection day. For a fee of $5.00 per month we
will remove the waste from your property.

               To schedule service call us at 734.620.4400
Rates  Are  Per Visit
Number of

1 Dog

2 Dogs

3 Dogs

4 Dogs

5 Dogs
1x per week
2x per week
3x per week
Every other





1x Cleanup
dog waste clean up
pet waste disposal
dog waste removal
" Where pets and their owners are more than clients....
                                                                                 they're part of our family."